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Includes check-up, scale to remove plaque and tartar build up, polish to remove surface stains and 2 digital bitewing X Rays to diagnose cavities. X Rays are not taken every visit. Our dentist may also recommend a digital scan of your jaw. This shows us the position of your wisdom teeth, missing teeth, sinus position and other anomalies.

Healozone (Drill free technology)

This is our drill free treatment for teeth which have not been filled before making it ideal for children and adolescents. Where we see early signs of decay, we are able to apply ozone to sterilise the tooth and allow it to remineralize itself. We place a small rubber cup on the surface of the tooth and apply ozone for approximately 40 seconds. This is completely painless.

We also recommend healozone immediately prior to fissure sealants to ensure the tooth is sterile before we seal it.

Fillings and repairing broken teeth

We prefer to use composite fillings to make our restorations blend in with your own teeth. Composite fillings can be small, but can also be used to replace large chunks of broken teeth. Composite crowns can be a cost effective way to repair badly damaged teeth instead of a porcelain or gold crown.

Crowns and bridges

We are able to place porcelain/ceramic and composite crowns and bridges. We also offer gold. After root canal treatment we recommend you have a crown to protect the treated tooth which can become more prone to fracture. A bridge is placed to replace a missing tooth.


Veneers can be porcelain or composite and can be used to improve your smile. They are used for cosmetic purposes and can be very effective. If you have slightly crooked teeth but don’t want orthodontic treatment, veneers can be a great option.


Our soft tissue laser allows us to treat gum disease removing infection with a faster healing time. This new dental technology has shown excellent results with our patients. Our dentist can advise if this treatment is suitable for you.


An excellent method to replace missing teeth permanently. If you have any gaps we can advise on the options and costs involved.

Whitening (bleaching)

There are many ways to whiten teeth. Our preferred method is the take home system. We take impressions of your teeth and make up trays from these. You will be given a set of gel syringes and apply the gel to your trays which need to be worn 15 minutes a day for up to 2 weeks. Top ups can be done at any time.


We are a registered ACC provider. There may be a co-payment required to cover the full cost of treatment above the ACC scheduled fee.

Mouthguards (Gum shields) and biteguards

Custom made mouthguards are the best way to protect your mouth when playing contact sports such as rugby, hockey and basketball.

Biteguards are recommended for people who grind their teeth. Worn at night, they can help alleviate jaw pain from clenching and also prevent teeth being worn down over time.

Same day emergencies

We do our very best to accommodate patients in pain and reserve emergency appointments for this. Please ring as soon as possible so we have the opportunity to see you on the same day.

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